13 May 2011

sitting here, clean after a shower, clothed in a brown (earthy) towel, i know something has to change.
there is a time and place for everything, a moment in the spotlight for every posture, but inevitably something must die and sink sink sink. this is that time.
with all sincerity that can be drawn out of this butterfly, i wish you gone.
what will rise with the emptiness, though?

08 January 2011

omg! music! album! 2011~!

Days of Echo- Bohannons

Coming in under 25 minutes, this 'chill' rock record is a solid effort from Chattanooga, TN based Bohannons, who are currently on tour now (as indicated by their last.fm page). Days of Echo features seven tracks, each of which tells a fascinating story (though one can't help but doubt the veracity of some. I'm talking to you, Gramaw and Grampaw). The overall feel of the album is a mellow but not lulling sound; one imagines themselves listening to the band while in an old, beloved car with an almost stranger. Or, depending on your experience, you could just as easily transport yourself to your friend's garage, listening to a rad jam session while you do a little bit of an illegal substance or two. It's music to sway to and make memories born out of naivete that you aren't wont to forget.
Looking forward to hearing more from this group as they continue to explore their sound! The band has Days of Echo for purchase here, for $5. $5! You could spend that much on a meal at a revolting fast food restaurant and gain about two pounds, or discover a new band and namedrop them like crazy around your friends. Your choice.

Favourite tracks: Crown Vic Blues, Are You On Drugs? Tune In Tonite

Lyrics to remember: no, I can't hear your sound/ well, are you on drugs/ I'd rather see that/than see you in love/ with him/

Sounds like (to this music novice): Infinite Arms - Band Of Horses

Last.fm/Band web-site/Bandcamp/Facebook fan page

Special thanks to JS for introducing me to this band!

19 November 2010

backing up my quote file (wish i'd started making one of those much earlier in my life...):


thus, too, they came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live in company with a memory that serves no purpose.- the plague

hitoshi had an extremely eccentric younger brother. his way of thinking, his responses to events, were "curiouser and curiouser". he lived exactly as if his awareness of things had been formed in some other dimension, after which he was plopped down on this planet to fend for himself.- moonlight shadow

i must keep living with the flowing river before my eyes. -moonlight shadow

I was building up in me a dream which the entire educational system of the South had been rigged to stifle. - black boy

Your successes and happiness are forgiven you only if you generously consent to share them. But to be happy it is essential not to be too concerned with others.- the fall

Above all, don't believe your friends when they ask you to be sincere with them. They merely hope you will encourage them in the good opinion they have of themselves by providing them with the additional assurance they will find in your promise of sincerity.- the fall

Sometimes she seemed invisible like peace. - the quiet american

Then I must be a greater than Daedalus; for whereas he only made his own inventions move, I move those of other people as well.- euthyphro

No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nurture and education. - crito

See now, how men lay blame upon us gods for what is after all nothing but their own folly. -the odyssey

Yet it would perhaps be thought to be better, indeed to be our duty, for the sake of maintaining the truth even to destroy what touches us closely, especially as we are philosophers or lovers of wisdom; for, while both are dear, piety requires us to honor truth above our friends.- nicomachean ethics

Hence, it is no easy task to be good.-nicomachean ethics

All postures of submission and surrender should be part of our prehistory. -christopher hitchens

a woman's biology would not be her destiny.-before roe v.wade

12 May 2010

I am human.

I can be baited.

I realized this tonight as I was browsing a forum I frequent that is dedicated to "literature". Usually full of sardonic and pointless posts, I saw a thread about one of my favourite authors, Haruki Murakami. Expecting loads of comments that would validate my already grim feelings about humanity, I was somewhat surprised to see some praise for his work. Of course, I had forgotten that hipsters like him (which is easy to do, as there are none in this county!). While weighing the reviews, I continued to read the thread and found valid criticisms overshadowed by idiotic remarks. A few people were saying that they disliked him because of his fans, which I've always thought to be rather juvenile. But instead of absorbing and forgetting like I often do, I flipped out and called everyone fat and told them to stop using dumb macros and memes.

Now I'm trying to figure out the other methods of getting me irate:

-Insult Kundera
-Insult the Czech Republic
-Call Classical music garbage
-Insult Demi Lovato, even though all of the negative things that can be said about her I agree with
-Have dumb preferences when it comes to choosing a mate, such as height, sexual experience, income, etc.
-Believe that someone's location is indicative of their character
-Not adding -ly to adverbs that need them
-Embrace a fault so much that you romanticize it and become self-aggrandizing about it (I'm so nerdy, ugh! I'm insane!)
-Call someone clever when they use sarcasm

One day, I'll be able to ignore all of these. Maybe when I'm 23?
Here's to hoping!

10 May 2010